Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Day of Remembrance to the Man Who Started it All

Rolland H. Purifoy

Rolland H. Purifoy opened Purifoy Chevrolet's doors in 1960 after running a pre-owned dealership in Colorado Springs, CO. He wanted his new Chevrolet dealership to be built on the foundation of Integrity, Honesty and Ethics and even more so on customer satisfaction. He did this by doing business the right way and making sure every aspect of the dealership was up to his very high standards.

Over the next 30 years, Mr. Purifoy worked very hard to get his dealership to the top. He was rewarded for his efforts in 1993 by winning Time Magazine's Quality Dealer Award. This is an award that is presented annually to dealers for outstanding performance and community involvement. He was one of 67 dealers honored that year and the only one in Colorado. He was quoted as saying, "I call this my Oscar." The award is and will always be a sense of pride for the dealership.

Mr. Purifoy passed away in May of 1997 and is remembered by the giant flag pole where an American flag flies high over the dealership and the main street of Fort Lupton. The Purifoy Team honors Mr. Purifoy by continuing his tradition of treating our customers the right way built on his foundation of Integrity, Honesty and Ethics.

Mr. Purifoy, thank you for creating your legacy in Fort Lupton, CO. We are proud to celebrate Still Alive at 55...Unstoppable.

Today we take a moment to pay tribute to
Mr. Purifoy "The Bear."


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