Monday, July 30, 2012

Design Links 60 Years of Corvette

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The first Chevrolet Corvette, the XP-122 Motorama concept car, and the latest model, the 2013 Corvette 427 Collector Edition convertible, are separated by 60 years of automotive development and advancement. They do not share a single common component, yet the visual connection between the first and sixth generations is obvious.
While the design cues have changed through six generations, it’s their elemental composition that makes a Corvette look like a Corvette.
“Every generation of Corvette has had a signature look, as the Corvette changed to reflect the high-performance technology and design of the times,” said Tom Peters, GM performance vehicle design director. “However, each generation of Corvette shares some common elements which create a consistent Corvette theme that is expressive, distinctly American, artful, and passionate.”
Peters said the Corvette’s instantly recognizable look doesn’t just come from shared design cues, it is how those cues are stitched together that creates the distinct look of Corvette. 
“It’s similar to an iconic band, such like the Rolling Stones. For decades, the Stones have been using the same instruments. By changing their composition, the band has produced very different emotions and personalities. Despite the changing personalities of their songs, the sound is instantly recognizable as the Rolling Stones.
“The same is true with Corvette,” Peters said. “The new 427 Convertible doesn’t share a single design cue with the 1953 model. Yet, even from 100 yards, both cars are unmistakably Corvettes.”
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