Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Visit the Purifoy Chevrolet Corvette Showroom

In 1984 Chevrolet launched the all new C4 Corvette and Rollie Purifoy decided that Purifoy Chevrolet was going to become one of the best Corvette dealers in this part of the nation. Many people said that this was a crazy idea and there was no way a little dealership in Fort Lupton, Colorado could pull this off.

To show how dedicated Purifoy Chevrolet was to this idea, Rollie decided the company needed to have an indoor showroom just for the Corvettes. In the late 1980's the company purchased a building one block east of the main dealership to house the body shop and Rollie thought he could make the front half of the building work for the Corvettes.

This was the beginning of the Purifoy Chevrolet Indoor Corvette Showroom. What started as the front room of the bodyshop, with just enough room for six cars, has grown to a full showroom with room for 16 cars. It has become a destination for many Corvette fans in Colorado and we do our best to keep it stocked with new and high quality used Corvettes. Come take a look for yourself!


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