Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Info on Mid-Engine Corvette Possibility

GM did their best to squash rumors of a possible mid-engine Corvette model:

Now, General Motors’ Karl-Friedrich Stracke, vice president of global engineering, has addressed the issue head-on, telling Automotive News just what we can’t expect to see on the next Corvette.

For starters, in regards to the possibility of a switch to the more advanced – and more costly – mid-engine setup, Stracke says, “I don’t know who made this public. I think it is wrong.”

Although Stracke’s answer isn’t exactly the most reassuring answer given its moderate level of ambiguity, additional clarification was offered by GM’s communications spokesman, Dan Flores, who said Stracke “quashed” the rumors. Flores added, “The rumors and speculation about the Corvette are just that. There is no mid-engine in the plans.” Flores also reiterated to Auto News that there are no plans for a wet dual-clutch transmission, either.

In the same sitting that GM set out to squash rumors, it appears as if they set out to create one as well. When asked about the possibility of a hybrid-powered Corvette – using similar performance enhancing approaches to Porsche – Stracke said, “That [hybrid] is an interesting idea.”

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