Wednesday, June 2, 2010

See the Corvette Z06 Trek Across Arabia

MotorTrend recently took the Corvette Z06 on a trek across Arabia.  Fun reading and some great photos:

It's quickly obvious the Z06 has dynamic prowess to match the engine's power. The balance provided by the low and rearward-mounted V-8, the transaxle and -- err -- transverse leaf spring is superb. There's precise and responsive steering, masses of grip even though the miniscule sidewalls transmit every flex of the carcass. There's outstanding brake feel and consistency. Revs sit between 3000 and 4000 rpm in third and fourth gear as the Z06 sweeps through curves at 100 mph-plus. I think I'm in love.

At the top of the climb, a windows-down blast through a tunnel turns love to lust. Accelerating in second gear from 35 mph, the noise is heroic and velocity astonishing. I'm still in second as the tunnel exit looms and the speedo tops 90.

Read the entire article here.

Find out more about the Corvette Z06 at Purifoy Chevrolet.


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