Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Corvette C8 News

There has been some talk about the future possibility of a Corvette C8, and some of the specifics one might expect on it:

The Corvette C8 is still a ways off, but a new report claims to have the goods on the future sports car. While GM’s piggy bank was a little too shallow to foot the bill for a mid-engine C7 Corvette, the 8th iteration of America’s sports car will reported make the transition.

As if the shift to mid-engine wasn’t enough, the C8 will allegedly ditch the Corvette’s traditional V8 in favor of a more fuel-efficient twin-turbo V6. While the switch to a V6 powerplant will probably mark the end of high-horsepower Corvette models, it doesn’t mean the Vette will go soft. The C8 is slated to shrink in size in weight, meaning performance should be equal to – if not better – than today’s car.

Read entire article on Left Hand News.


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